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A three-eyed python snake astonishes the scientific community

It is a python breed and presents a malformation in the head including a third eye

Stumbling on a python snake is something that would surely scare many people, but one with three eyes will surely shock anyone.

The third eye of the animal was fully functional and requires a more serious study to understand why that happened. Image source: Facebook/Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife

This is what happened to a group of rangers in a wild park near the town of Humpty Doo, in Australia. The snake was a juvenile barely 1.3 feet in length and had a malformation in the head.

Impacted by this finding, the rangers shared several images of the unusual creature on their official Facebook account.

The three-eyed snake warns The Dry is coming!Our Rangers found a three-eyed snake on the Arnhem Highway near Humpty…

Posted by Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

“Monty”, the snake name, died just a few days ago because of this strange condition which made survival challenging and difficult.

The snake body was donated to the scientific community so that it can be studied in depth, and to determine where this strange mutation originated from.

Precisely, the deformation that the snake had was in its skull. According to preliminary hypotheses by the experts, the third eye of the animal was fully functional and requires further study to understand why this happened.

The studies will be carried out by The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

According to Ray Chatto, Ranger of the Parks of the Northern Territory and Wildlife of Australia, the long period of time that the rare snake has survived (around three months) is the most remarkable observation.

“It’s really remarkable that it was able to survive nature so long because of this severe deformity, the snake was struggling to feed itself before it died last week,” he said.

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